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Palate Place, Authentic Recipes of the Bahamas

We will be offering authentic Bahamian Recipes for you to try. Those of you who visit with us in the Bahamas have written repeatedly for recipes to enable them to continue enjoying the cuisine they recall from our region.

If you would like to request a recipe we don't have listed, or with questions/comments please contact us.

We will feature our latest recipe on this page, The Palate Place. All other recipes will be archived at the bottom of this page for your retrieval.

Featured Recipe: Seafood Casserole

2 cups fresh conch or crawfish (grinded)
3 cups cream sauce
1/2 cups grated American cheese
2 medium tomatoes (sliced)
1 medium green pepper
2 cups bread crumbs

Dissolve cheese in the cream sauce, Arrange a layer of tomatoes, green
peppers and conch or crawfish in a baking dish. Cover with part of the cream
sauce and repeat procedure one more time. Cover with bread crumbs and bake
at 350 degrees for 1-1/2 hours.

Try a Tropical drink with your meal:

Tropical Rum Drinks

Tropical Drinks

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